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Name: Sandwich
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Age: 4 or 5?
Favourite place: His beanbag or under my bed.
Favourite food: Soft chew bones, pig ears, doggie treats, peanut butter and cheese slices.
Fun Facts: I brought Sandwich home as a rescue dog to train him to be my service animal. He had bad separation anxiety and dug a hole through my floor when I went grocery shopping for the first time without him. He was also afraid of thunder and hid under my bed.
I trained him that during these scary times he could get very good things and no longer has issues with them.

Name: Shortcake
Breed: Calico Siamese Mix
Age: 3 or 4?
Favourite place: In her nest or my lap
Favourite food: Tuna treats or Sandwich's food.
Fun Facts: Shortcake was brought to me shortly after I brought Sandwich home. My mother beat on my door in the middle of my sleep and dropped her into Sandwich's food bowl stuttering over what to do. She said she knew I was deciding between a cat and a dog at some point.
I didn't think I could afford to keep her but I didn't want the vet to put her down so I buckled up and took her on.
She took to Sandwich instantly claiming him as her "Mommy".
They're best friends now.
She's my baby.

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