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I'd like to start this entry by stating again for the record: That I'm no writer.
These entries are likely to be garbled, too drawn out and will never see a thesaurus.
That being said, let us begin, shall we?

Ever since I was born I have heard about ghostly/spiritual events from my family and friends. These stories are of close relation, normally including me being/sleeping in the same house at the same time of the event.

This particular story starts out in what I'll call "The New House". The one my great grandmother left to my mother. It wasn't very spooky until moving day and I heavily suspect that we brought something with us from "The Old House" in the moving trailer.

When I was 16 I went to a lot of church events to stay out of the house.
My brother found a friend in one of the creepy guys that liked me and wouldn't leave me alone- possibly to try to get closer to me somehow.

My mother told me this story and I never had the guts to ask for the tape, it's probably long gone by now.
I was told that my brother and his friend went into the dining room of the house and sat under the table with a tape recorder.

They sat with the tape on record, snickering to eachother, trying to goad a spirit to speak with them. They would curse at the spirits, say awful things to them and laugh at how hysterical they were together.

They filled both sides of the tape with this nonsense. At the very end of the record time you could hear an elderly lady say "I hate you".

My brother never recorded tapes again for that reason. In fact I was told afterwards that he developed a healthy awareness and slight fear.