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I'd like to start this entry by stating again for the record: That I'm no writer.
These entries are likely to be garbled, too drawn out and will never see a thesaurus.
That being said, let us begin, shall we?

From the age of ten ghosts have been a part of my life. Possibly maybe younger seeing how my memory is foggy and I have issues recalling direct ages :)

This particular story starts out in what I'll call "The Old House". The one my mother, to this day, complains to me that it would have been a lovely house if my "aunt had never played with a ouija board in it".
She's never thought that maybe she played with the ouija board because it was a hotspot for spirits, though. And the older I get the more that makes sense.

This event will sound slightly cliche at first, so hang in there with me until the last bit.
As a child my mother put a lot of pressure on me to play piano. Unrelated, to this day, I'm unsure why.
We had a piano in our old house right beside the dining table. I would spend a lot of time playing campy music, to my mother's dismay :)
The piano had never struck me to be anything more than a toy at this age, maybe 10 or 11. And we didn't have a large variation of toys in our house.

One morning I woke up without my mother prompting me too. It was a school day, she was making oatmeal-- but none of that was what woke me up.
I could hear a piano key, just one. Being pressed- then a pause, press, pause, press, pause. Over and over again, relentlessly.

With no idea what was going on at 6am with the piano, I left bed in my nightgown and walked into the dining room, the piano was indeed playing the one key
I smiled and looked around the room, waiting for someone to jump out and laugh because surely it was a morning prank, right?

My mother walked into the dining room and placed my oatmeal on the table, completely unphased that I was awake without her help- normally she would be in shock or even praise me. But she was hurried and short with me.
I laughed and mentioned the piano key. Initially she said nothing while she pulled the chair back from the dining table and moved my spoon where I could reach it.

"It's probably a mouse" she replied promptly as she walked out of the dining room.
I had never seen a mouse in the house before. The idea of hamster like animals at this age excited me and I thought it was silly and adorable that the mouse was trying to play the piano-- but I also knew when my mother was lying to me and I stayed quiet knowing good and well what was going on, wondering to myself if my mother would let me play the piano alongside of them and make a ghost friend.

However-- when I came back from school there was a priest speaking with my mother as he left the house. When asked my mother told me he was the exterminator.

Personally-- I never heard the piano play again-- however we'll keep the rest of this story for another event seen through familiar people around me.