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I'd like to start this entry by stating again for the record: That I'm no writer.
These entries are likely to be garbled, too drawn out and will never see a thesaurus.
That being said, let us begin, shall we?

From the age of ten ghosts have been a part of my life. Possibly maybe younger seeing how my memory is foggy and I have issues recalling direct ages :)

This particular story starts out in what I'll call "The New House". The one my great grandmother left to my mother. It wasn't very spooky until moving day and I heavily suspect that we brought something with us from "The Old House" in the moving trailer.

The new house was very difficult to get used to. For a long time the only ominous stories that I had in the place were feelings alone. For example neither me or my brother liked to pass under the pull down ladder in the ceiling in the hallway. Something felt very dark and angry about this place. However the rest of the house just felt like a house for a long time.

My mother was remarried when I was maybe 13. Her husband was violent in every way except sexual (that I'm aware of). Once things in the home became violent-- suddenly things in the house started happening around us.

More people who stayed over at the house with us overnight would come forward with stories coinciding with what we knew about the house- but we'll save those for another section.

I was the sensitive one out of the family. I could pick up on these strange feelings throughout the house. Starting in my own room.

Every night, late at night before I went to sleep, I could sense someone standing by my door in the corner, watching me. It became such an intense feeling that to feel normal around it I started to talk to it, treat it like a quiet friend. I'd tell them about my day, how I felt, I'd cry to it and everything. However when the family got a dog that liked to sleep in my room, the presence never came back in.
But that didn't stop in other rooms of the house.

My grandmother had a "cocktail room", or as what I call it- "the ballroom". She would, from what I am told, host large cocktail parties there.
My mother used it for storage after she got remarried.

Anytime I opened the doors to this room I felt a wall in front of me. One full of rage and hate. I felt like I wasn't allowed in this room anymore even though I had every permission from my own mother to enter.
Upon entering I would feel like I was in danger. Like someone was going to scream at or attack me physically. I knew very well that physically it was safe in that room and that no one was there. But something else was trying very very hard to convince me otherwise.

Later on I would have multiple confirmations that this wasn't in my own head. Once from a future personal experience and another from my own mother who has multiple accounts to attest to. But we'll save those for another section :)
To this very day the feeling of the angry wall is still in that room.
I told my mother that it feels like an angry man sits in that room, one with a murderous aura.