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I'd like to start this entry by stating again for the record: That I'm no writer.
These entries are likely to be garbled, too drawn out and will never see a thesaurus.
That being said, let us begin, shall we?

From the age of ten ghosts have been a part of my life. Possibly maybe younger seeing how my memory is foggy and I have issues recalling direct ages :)

This particular story starts out in what I'll call "The New House". The one my great grandmother left to my mother. It wasn't very spooky until moving day and I heavily suspect that we brought something with us from "The Old House" in the moving trailer.

From the age of 13 to 19 quite a lot happened in my life. I did a lot of running away from the abuse in the house. When I was there it was just the same old stuff I've already said in past events.
However 19 hit really hard when I was temporarily living with my mother until I could move to Georgia.

The only room available in the house at that time was the cocktail room, or as I still call it "The ballroom".
In past entries I've said that upon opening the doors to this room I felt an invisible wall in front of me- one that was angry and violent. It made me feel like I'm not supposed to be there.
I was to live in this room for a week.

If you're squeamish or scare easily- turn back now. This is going to be a hell of an entry and some of it may upset some people.

At the age of 19 I was starting to understand that I just wanted peace and quiet. I wanted to be alone and I wanted to be comfortable. I spent most of these days sitting in the corner of the ballroom plugged into my own computer while painting contently.

I was in the middle of separation with my first husband. A family from Georgia was coming to get me to save me from his violence and violent family that he lived with.
I would talk to the new family a lot, they would make me feel safe and calm again while I was trying to recover.

On the third night sleeping in the ballroom I had an awful dream. A lucid dream.
I dreamt that I had been put under on an operating table. I felt like I had closed my eyes but could hear everything around me in the real world. I could feel everything, even the air around me. I could feel the doctors touching or bumping into my skin.

The two doctors discussed something, in which I could hear everything (but after many years I cannot remember detail, I apologize). I could hear one doctor discussing with the other about an egg as one lifted my chin up and opened my mouth-- then slid what I assume was a very VERY large egg down my throat and it hit my stomach hard. So hard, in fact- that it woke me up.

My stomach was on fire and a pain tore through it that I had never felt before. It threw me into tears. However that wasn't the only thing I woke up to. Cabinet doors in the kitchen slamming, one after another over and over again along with the kitchen doors themselves. Something in the house was angry-- and I'm standing in the middle of their warpath.

I called my ex husband because I didn't have anyone else to come out to get me at 4am. We went to the hospital for my stomach pain and they found nothing at all. They gave me something to coat my stomach and a pain reliever then sent me home. But before we started home- I had one request. To pick up my ex husband's brother's Ouija board first. I explained the entire thing to my ex and asked him for his help. He complied because he could tell that this was very real to me and I was terrified.

So we went into the ballroom and sat in the middle of the floor... and began a conversation with a very sweet old lady.
I forget her name now. But she said she was asked by my great grandmother to watch over us because she had moved on.

Now, I'll be very real with you-- I had never used a Ouija board before. I was very very skeptical of this entire conversation thinking my ex was just playing with me.
However the conversation quickly took a very too-real turn.

I asked her if it was her slamming the cabinets in the kitchen and she replied with yes.
When asked why she explained that my mother and her husband were fighting and she was tired of it.
I asked her if **she was the one who spoke with my brother and told him she hated him. She replied with yes. She told me they were rude and hateful towards her.
We talked for a little while longer and she thanked me for always being respectful to the spirits of the house, implying that she wasn't the only one there, and that I was a good person, then she left.

The story continues after I finally let my ex go home and I go on back to sleep and wake up a bit later.
I spoke with my mother about the use of the Ouija board after telling her I went to the hospital and the whole string of horrifying events that went on throughout the night.

She's angry at first. She's hugely religous and believes that using a Ouija board "opens a portal and lets spirits into the house", however her angry quickly turned curious and I told her everything that the spirit said.
When I got to the argument the colour drained from my mother's face. It was very noticeable so I stopped and asked her if she was okay. She told me around that time she and her husband were having an argument but that they were so quiet about it that there's "no possible way" I could have heard it.