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I'd like to start this entry by stating again for the record: That I'm no writer.
These entries are likely to be garbled, too drawn out and will never see a thesaurus.
That being said, let us begin, shall we?

This particular story starts out in what I'll call "The New House". The one my great grandmother left to my mother.

When I was 16 I spent late nights, when everyone in the house was sleeping, sneaking into the living room with my dog to watch mtv soaps.

Boog, my dog, would lay on the floor and nap while I watched for a few hours. We'd sneak back into my room and go back to sleep shortly after 3am.

One night, we were getting ready to return to my room, I had turned the tv off and was zoning out for a moment, processing what I had just watched.

The ranch we lived on was normally silent sans the very quiet hum of distant traffic from the highway.
But this night I heard something move outside at the far opposite end of the house.

I froze, trying not to make a sound to try to figure out what it was I was hearing.
A dragging noise against the house.

At first it was very distant but slowly, steadily grew in loudness as it came closer.
Boog stood up, his ears alert.

As the sound found us, it turned into a roaring dragging noise. The sound of a huge metal sheet hugging the outside brickwall as closely as possible dragged at the same pace around the wall, around the corner and around the last bit of the wall after that then continued on it's way around for a moment then faded away.

Boog and I looked at eachother for reassurance then back toward the sound where it disappeared.

I waited for a moment to make sure the sound wasn't coming back, grabbed my blanket, called Boog and tore up the stairs through the door and back into my room, slammed the light off and jumped into bed.
I decided to stop watching late night soaps after that.