Wurm Log

May 25, 2021 PM

I managed to get a lot accomplished today but nothing really additive.
I tended the entire farm, mined about 300ish iron, chopped down a ton of trees, cooked 20 more meals.
My oldest wurm friend is trying to figure out if they'd like to play again so I invited them to my deed.
They did actually make it yesterday but since our time schedules are so different they didn't get to stay logged in long at all.
So after they went to bed I just spent the day trying to get some resources prepared to help them out- which was way less awful than getting them ready for myself lol

On the plus side I now have more of my deed on the way of actually becoming complete at some point lol

Tomorrow is the big update though!

May 24, 2021 PM

So upon logging in I booked it from the mine. A. No one was online. B. I can't stand being in mines lol C. My crops needed tending.
I plan to go back to help Ether but if I stare at that iron vein for more than a day at a time I'll find burnout on wurm really fast.
I also have so much I need to get done. And I just miss trees... Good lord do I miss the trees- even if they're covered in snow and dead.

It seems as though Spring has ticked over while I was mining, so that's actually really nice. Spring is my favourite season in wurm. I get the pretty green with flowers and no bees/wasps/insects everywhere 8 8
I sailed home and managed the field

But I've had a nagging issue for a while ever since I logged back in...

And it's actually becoming an issue now because it's affecting my stamina and preformance ):
The remedy to this is to cook something but I'm SO STUBBORN. I refuse to just pop down a campfire to cook something. I demand an oven after all this time I've played on wurm.
So it's a good thing I salvaged two ovens while I was visiting Ether :)

The larder (far left) was so difficult to make though! I had a 20% chance to make it 8 8
But I'll finally have a place to store my food and it wont go bad so quickly.

So we start out with some oldies but goodies.
Anny taught me the best thing to make a meal heavy is to put a pumpkin in. The rest are also his suggestions. This meal is my go-to. The only thing I've really changed about it is that I chop everything up as much as I can. If it can be minced, we mince it.
I do this because it fills up the CCFP bars a LOT for some reason lol it doesn't make any sense but whatever works.
Let it heat in the pans.

So first off. YES!? Temporary affinity gains are like sleep bonus but depending on the quality of the food extends that timer.
But I love butchering so this is actually a great affinity to gain from one of the first meals I make after coming back to the game \o/
I also can't get over how much the CCFP bars fill after I eat this stuff.

Once your CCFP bars (the little colorful bars) fill up- your food and water are slower to drain.
So now that's fixed- we need to tackle some basic stuff.
We have religion in this game. I'm not a religious person and at first hearing of this I stuck my nose up really hard lol
But the benefits of having a religion in-game absolutely out-weigh not having one at all.
I chose Fo. A lot of people give me flack about it. Vynora is popular because she gives you an increase of skill gain.
When I was with Anny he had a Fo priest. He told me that Fo allowed you to heal faster and I loved to go out and get into trouble. I'd fall off ledges, pick fights I couldn't win, it just seemed like the right idea. His Fo priest converted me and I never looked back.
Having religion also allows you to "sacrafice" rare items that you create/find. It really just fills your food and water bars all the way. I've not done a lot of sacraficing when I can make my own food.
But we're gonna make an altar anyways because that's a basic :)

So this is the start of it. And since we have this started we might as well start a mailbox.
My gear is currently in the red and at risk of breaking. I really need to pay someone to fix it for me before it poofs ):

And done. lol
But before we do anything else- there has been a part of my deed I've really been neglecting and if it goes on any longer it'll most likely become a problem.

That's right. I've got some brushing, shearing and milking to do. Horses, sheep, cows, bulls and a single chicken lol
Before I tie this up, though, let's just take a moment to appreciate that the green is back in wurm, yeah?

May 23, 2021 PM

There's not too much to show about today in regards to images. This was my view for a long long time.

I spent most of my day burning through "sleep bonus" to knock out this iron vein for/with Ether.
(Sleep bonus is a toggleable, limited feature, that enhances skill gain. You get it by purchasing "sleep powder" which is consumable, purchasing premium time (you get sleep powders as a thank you for this), or sleeping in a bed for a period of time)
He and Jas have a secret project they're working on. This vein happened to be in the way of said project and vein's can have as little as 7k hits in them. I maybe helped knock out 1k. But I was at it for about six???? hours? Maybe seven?

I managed to gain two whole points in mining- which was painful. XP boost on for the entire time and that's all I managed to churn out. Vanilla wurm is harsh.
Honestly, though, that's why I never try to grind a skill. I just do stuff as I need it. (which is why I've been playing for years only to have 50 mining...)
On the plus side, after Ether went to bed, Jas and I had a mild form of entertainment.

I didn't catch the third time, sadly. However this provoked conversation between Jas and I even though we basically kept to ourselves.

What I don't have images for was what happened this morning.
My very first friend in wurm has decided to see if they'd like to play again. Apparently at one point I dragged him to another server (I don't recall this but everything lined up to be that way? This may have been like five or six years ago?)
He logged in and immediately died.
I had to walk him through his options because you don't simply respawn with your stuff.
You have to have enough "karma" to summon your corpse or request help from a priest.
He asked in Freedom (which is server local) and no one responded- so he asked in GL (which is global) and got my mutual friend.
My mutual friend from the other server is a priest.
We had no idea who the other was initially because no names were exchanged. We were talking exclusively through my friend.
I stopped mid conversation because everything he explained sounded like my mutual friend and just yelled "IS THIS PERSON *enter name here*???"
It was a nice laugh. I ended up prodding him over discord to sort things out easier.
In the end I was able to guide him to a decent spot where he was able to cast and locate my friend's body/items.
I also managed to convince him to go ahead and dump him into the xanadu ocean rather than sail around that huge place just to drop him off.
Now we're just waiting on a convenient time we're both on so we can get him squared away. He's just out there still floating in a shark infested ocean lol

May 22, 2021 PM

Today I started out tending all the crops I planted yesterday. It'll be a couple days before they actually pop. They'll need a lot of tending in between those days.

Shortly after I completed tending, my friend Ether (my slightly distant neighbor) asked if I'd like to help destroy an iron vein so he and his friend can continue their project interlinking their mine to the underground highway.
I don't like saying no to Ether, he's lovely, so I hopped on my boat.

As you can see it took a little while lol

This is Ether's mountain "Mount Nyriandiol". It's the tallest mountain on the Xanadu server. So tall, even, that the heightmap abruptly cut it short and a good bit of the top of the mountain is flat!

I managed to find two brown horses to exchange with my wild grey ones. (I'm fond of brown horses 8 8)
After I arrived I got a slightly disappointing message from Ether.

But I genuinely mean only slightly lol because I took the opportunity to scavenge some things from a fallen deed that I need so I don't have to make them myself.

I am going to take this time to log out of wurm and take some me-time instead of running all over the place scavenging. I'd like to work on my website a bit more and dig around in archived pixel sites again. I just have a big headache. I'm thinking it'll be fine when I set up the mining process to help Ether. I'll have two windows open at the same time. Hit the mining button a few times and poke around with my website lol

May 21, 2021 PM

Today was actually very slow because I kept getting distracted. I supposed I was just in one of those moods.
I spent most of my day in wurm mining, making stone bricks and clearing more area for farming.

I did clear out quite a bit and manage to get 99.9% of the farm going.

I spoke with my friend Jon from the other server, the "mutual friend".
He showed me his bed setup because he knows it's easy to offend me in this way :|

He did in fact offend me.
For those of you who don't really understand anything in this image pass the fact that two gnomes on a bed is creepy: the gold coins on the table there are worth a bit over $100 USD irl a piece.
He just has them casually sitting by his bed side as if that's perfectly normal and fine.
He also told me about one of his recent raids I wanted to share with you.
In order to do so I need to explain some things really quick.
Pools of water such as lakes, ponds, puddles etc only exist on the lowest ground.
You can't have these items anywhere past that height.
So if you live on a mountain in wurm, you cannot find those anywhere near you and need to travel to do so.
Also, BSB = bulk storage box. It's just a big container.

May 20, 2021 PM

So after my ex refused to speak with me about establishing some boundaries on the wurm server so I could play alongside of our mutual friend, I decided that I no longer felt comfortable playing on release.
I would have stayed had that been the only thing, but there were a lot of things suddenly working against me.
I had never found closure with Nine because of how we ended things in such a chaotic, traumatic manor- and of course our mutual friend took his side even though he knows me better than my ex lies about.
That and I found out that Nine was possibly dating someone on the server.
I know, I know. This is petty. I guess? I had literal tunnel vision when I connected the dots. Not because of jealousy but because he gets to be happy after doing me like he did and turning our friend circle against me.
So being on the server is just a very toxic place for me to be. I need to come to terms with it in controlled bursts. So another server it is.
I set out to Xanadu to find a place somewhere reasonably close to my old, good friend Ether. He's never made me feel uncomfortable and has only ever been supportive of any decisions or gameplay I've told him about.
I found this nice place an okay ways away from him. It's far larger than where I was on Release. Release's deed was cute but it was pretty compact.

However. The place has a lot of fences and walls to be cleared ):

The trees are always nice to get lose in while doing all of this though.
I managed to find basically a little over a dollar while foraging before I cultivated any tile for farm land.

However my highlight of today was this conversation.

And that's my whole day in wurm sans the stressful drama that happened in GL Freedom that I'd rather not talk about because people are actual idiots there : )

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