Welcome to my website! Sleepysprout was launched April 21, 2021.
This website was created as an outlet for my love of old pixel art websites from the 2000s. I am hoping to find old friends from that time.
All art/pixels/graphics here are created by me unless stated otherwise.

June 22, 2021 AM

So quite a few things have happened recently that have kept me away from working on my website.
For starters I found that someone was stealing my graphics on neocities that I have explicitly asked everyone not to use.
When I asked one of the neocities discords for advice I was met with "You should be grateful" and "Take it as a compliment".
If the people who responded with this are reading this now- you're not welcome here. Period. I'd appreciate it if you never came back. Do not use my resources. Thank you.
An artist shares their work with others because it feels nice to share- but they're allowed to have boundaries. They're allowed to say no.
Just because an image is on the internet doesn't mean it's free to use.
I shouldn't have to "get over it" just because it's pixels. I poured hours of my time and passion into these projects. You don't just walk up to people who knit blankets and take them, you don't steal physical paintings, statues, etc - my art shouldn't be treated any differently.
Secondly my fiance and I broke up about a week ago.
We've been together for 4-5 years. After we were engaged I could never imagine anyone else in my life other than him even though he could really get under my skin sometimes. But that happens to anyone who's been around anyone at all for some time. It never surprised me and I worked my hardest to make compromises because our relationship was more important to me.
But since I'm ill now, in a wheelchair and cannot take care of myself, I cant promise that I'll be able to go live with him.
He says he can't take care of me and I'm not sure how long I'll be ill.
So I suppose this is just how things are now.
I am in a deep depression at the moment. I already felt helpless because of whatever illness this is but now I've had so much of my happiness ripped up from under me. It'll take a long while to stabilize.
I'll probably not update here for a little while. The passion I had for bringing this website to life was majorly stifled by other's terrible attitudes about my art just because they have a website and can put anything there that they want.
Thank you for supporting my website before all of this happened. I hope that when I come back I'll be able to supply more content.