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What Is This?

I'm so glad you asked. Let me tell you.
A long time ago there was a lovely place called "The Quilting Bee" where people would trade small squares of pixels they made with other users and arrange those squares to eventually construct a quilt on their website.
I miss this website so much so I am here in hopes to ressurect this cute little idea.
Take a quilt patch and make the image a clickable link back to the owner's website on your website. That's all there is to it! Cottagecore away!

My Quilt Patches

So if I remember correctly you could only have one patch? We're throwing that out the window- make as many as you want lol

My Quilt

These are quilt patches I have traded in the past while "The Quilting Bee" was still alive and thriving. I hope to add more to it soon!

Salvaged Patches

These are quilting patches that were basically "cliques" or "stamps" that you can add to your quilt.
I'd rather not use them as that right now so I thought maybe it'd be a nice way to jump start other's quilts.
If you have more quilts that you have salvaged that I can add to this please message me! I'd love to add more!

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