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Before proceeding you'll need to agree to a few things.

I am a sad individual and struggle with trauma.
I will write here about frustrating things.
I may even write about my trauma.
Some things may be triggering.

If you are family/friends/know me in real life, do NOT read this if:
You will find offence if you see me hurt/upset/angry about an instance involving you
You will start drama over something you read here
You will try to hold something you read here against me later on
You will approach me about something you read here to start conflict

Some things are better left unknown. If you think you're strong enough to know these things, be my guest.
If you cannot do these things, don't read this blog. If you cannot do these things and you read it anyways and do any of the above, I wont hesitate to create distance between us if not more.
If these things are too much to ask, I strongly suggest reading "How Are You?" instead.

If you're okay with all of this, please select "I Agree"

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