March 02, 2024 PM

Hungry New V. of website Minecraft Music
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I guess I can take a moment to update this even though it wont reflect anywhere just yet.
I've been living in my new apartment ever since 013124.
Awful things happened. Things I'm not ready to talk about.
Just know that I'm now safe and I'm slowly returning to feeling "normal".
I also discovered not too long ago that I'm autistic-- so I'm on the great journey now to understand what that means for me and who I really am and why I do the things that I do. I find it all incredibly fascinating and never have enough answers lol
I've really leaned into my character Pokey, as you can see with layout v.4. I still love Prism and Pepo but I feel like they don't represent my energy anymore. Things that I like to draw/collect/etc. Pokey isn't all of those things but he's more those things that Prism and Pepo are now.
That and he just makes me really happy.
I hope to be drawing him a lot more and integrating him into more places into my website as I go.
Please note that this is my FOURTH rendition of my website and I've only released two. As exhausting as it felt to start the others up and decide against finishing and releasing them- it's so rewarding to finally find one that I feel like I really like and finally release it.
My goal later down the road is to delete the other two versions that I never used as they're only taking up space but I am linking from some of that code currently so I need to weed it all out.
I know everything is currently in shambles, I apologize. I've decided to create all the pages individually even though for the most part I'll just be copying and pasting most of them.
But I'm so relieved to be back and feeling more like myself again. Thank you to everyone who never gave up on me and left me messages and encouragement. I really appreciate all of that more than you'll ever understand.